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Rachelle Fisher and Danny Halpert showcase the power of technology as they release 'Got To Love You'

Got to Love you’ is the unique collaboration and brainchild of German DJ Danny Halpert and British Music Artist Rachelle Fisher.

Rachelle and Danny met on Instagram two years ago and even though they've never met face-to- face, their virtual friendship, has yielded a masterpiece that transcends geographical boundaries.

'Got to Love You' is a Deep House sensation poised to get feet tapping and bodies moving around the globe. With its infectious hooks and irresistibly catchy melodies, this 2-minute and 31-second track showcases the power of technology in modern music creation.

Released on September 27, 2023, 'Got to Love You' will be available on all major platforms. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this impressive collaboration.

Stream ‘Got To Love You’ here:

For all enquiries please contact:

Listen to the official audio below


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