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Why you need to become your own cheerleader

I'm finally at a place where I feel confident in my own skin. It took me a while to get here. I had to literally wash my mind of lies, some of which I had held on to since my childhood.

Words are powerful. The words we tell ourselves, even more-so. You may not have people around you to encourage you, but the good news don't actually need them. You can encourage yourself.

In the last few years, i've learned so much about the importance of being your own hype man. In a world filled with doubt and criticism, it's vital to be your own cheerleader. This will empower you to take control of your narrative and build confidence. Do I feel confident all the time? No. But if I ever find that I'm having too many thoughts of doubt or lack, I know exactly how to switch on my confidence, through stillness and the use of my words.

Can I give you a life hack? Good! Here it is.....You are allowed to believe that you are the best thing since sliced bread. You are allowing to believe that your ideas will change the world. Whatever your wildest dreams are, you are allowed to envision yourself doing it and act or reinvent yourself accordingly.

Chances are, you will not limit how high you can go, in your mind. Your friends might. Deep down you have a sense of what you are capable of accomplishing. It's unlikely that your friends have this same sense about you, not because they are bad people. Sometimes its just because they are not you and they have their own lives to figure out.

This does not mean that you think of yourself as being more important than the people around you. It actually will mean the complete opposite. You can only love the people around you, in the same way that you love yourself. Funny story. I remember a few years ago, a frenemy one day turned around and said to me 'Rachelle, you think very highly of yourself'. My response? 'hun if I think poorly of myself, i'm going to think poorly of you too. What would you prefer? Low self esteem is not a flex.'

When you embrace your inner hype man, you inspire others. Your self-confidence and positive attitude uplift those around you, encouraging them to also embrace their own journey of growth. Recognising your strengths and celebrating your achievements helps shape a positive self-image. You no longer rely on external validation but trust your own judgment (see my previous post on how to cultivate your intuition). This liberates you to pursue your passions and dreams with unwavering conviction, accountable only to yourself (and God if you believe).

This post is your personal reminder to trust in your abilities, celebrate your unique talents, and never underestimate the power of being your own cheerleader. It all starts with believing in yourself. This make not happen overnight. Maybe you like me, need to first let go of lies that you have held onto about yourself. That might take a while, but it will be worth it.

Whatever ever stage of self-acceptance you currently find yourself at, you've got this! Keep believing, keep striving, and keep hyping yourself up and as you do don't be surprised when your greatness starts to unfold.


Thanks for reading this post, if you would like to discuss this or anything else further, feel free to email me at

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